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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Association approval required for modifications on my home?
Yes. All exterior modifications to your property, including the sides and rear, require Architectural Review Board (ARB) approval. To obtain an ARB request form, please visit the HOA Resources tab.
My sidewalk is broken; can the Association send someone out to repair it?
Street and sidewalk repairs are the responsibility of the Town of Miami Lakes. Please feel free to contact them at 305-364-6100.
Can I trim the oak tree in front of my home?
The oak trees in our community are responsibility of the Town of Miami Lakes. If the lengths of the tree branches are becoming a nuisance, contact the Town of Miami Lakes at 305-364-6100.
Where do I call if I need to schedule a bulky waste pick-up?
Residents of the Town of Miami Lakes are eligible to two (2) bulky waste pick-ups per year. You may schedule your pick-up by conveniently calling 311 from your phone (a confirmation number will be provided).
Can I leave my bulky waste pick up at my approach?
We understand bulk pick ups may take a few days. Please contact GRS with your confirmation number in order to avoid receiving a Notice of Violation.
How long can I grow the hedges in between mine and my neighbors’ properties?
Please refer to Article VIII Section 8 of the Association’s bylaws regarding landscaping restrictions.
How can I obtain a copy of the Association’s bylaws?
The Association’s recorded documents, covenants and restrictions are available for purchase at the GRS office for $25.00 with a money order or cashier’s check made payable to “Royal Oaks Homeowner’s Association, Inc.”
If you are a current homeowner, please feel free to log-in to the site to access a digital copy.
How often do I have to pressure clean my roof?
The Association follows the Town of Miami Lakes ordinance that roofs must be maintained at all times.
Can I park or store a commercial vehicle on my property?
Commercial vehicles are prohibited; commercial vehicles may be stored inside the garage with the garage door fully closed. For information on commercial vehicle classifications please contact the Town of Miami Lakes Code Compliance Department.
If I receive a Notice of Violation and do not have sufficient time to comply, can I request an extension?
Yes, you may request an extension of time for a Notice of Violation. Your request must be made in writing and will be solely granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
If I receive a fine for non-compliance, how can I proceed?
Once the violation is complied with, your case can be appealed at the following meeting of the Board of Directors. Simply notify GRS via writing in order to place your case on the agenda.
Can I file an anonymous complaint?
Yes, you may do so by submitting your request in writing, by telephone or by visiting the GRS office or website.
Do I need a permit to conduct a garage sale?
Yes, the Town permits four (4) garage sales per year; you may request a Garage Sale permit by contacting the Town of Miami Lakes.
Can I place a sign on my property?
No signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot except one sign (two on corner lots) of not more than three (3) square feet advertising the property for sale or for rent. Please refer to Article VIII Section 21 within the Association’s bylaws.
Can I keep my boat parked/stored on my property?
Boats may be parked or stored only in the garage with the garage door fully closed. Boats may be brought to the property for a period of less than 24 hours to clean, load or unload and must be hitched to the vehicle and may not obstruct the sidewalk or public right-of-way.
Is parking on the swale area permitted?

Parking of vehicles on the swale area is prohibited at any time.

How do I obtain the gate clicker for the community?
Gate clickers may be obtained through the Miami Lakes Special Taxing District. You may contact them at 305-364-6100 ext. 1239 or via e-mail at You may also visit their site for additional information in the Neigborhood Services Districs section of the Miami Lakes official site.

**Please note the responsibility of the special taxing district has been transferred over to the Town of Miami Lakes since October 2018.

When are the HOA fees due?
HOA fees are due on January 1st of every year and are considered late after January 31st. As of February 1st, a late fee of 10% of your maintenance amount will be applied to your account.

Please note that empty lots and lake front properties do pay additional fees. Please contact GRS Management, Inc. for additional questions or concerns regarding your maintenance fee.

How do I request an estoppel/questionnaire?
You may request an estoppel/questionnaire by contacting the GRS Management, Inc. office at 305-823-0072 or visiting their website at
I closed on my new property within the Association, now what?
Upon closing, please be sure to provide a copy of the deed to the GRS Management, Inc. office in order to update Association records.
It is imperative that your latest contact information is on file for both, community updates and emergencies.